1. Clear Expectations

    • Our “Standards Matrix” documents what we’ve agreed to teach, monitor, and enforce.

2. Explicitly Taught

    • Each area or activity in the matrix is accompanied by a lesson plan.
    • A schedule for teaching and re-teaching behaviors is used.

3. A System for Increasing Desired Behavior (Rewards)

    • A series of rewards and recognition systems is developed and used, to encourage positive and appropriate behaviors.
    • (Honest, Optimistic, Work Hard, Lead by example).

4. A System for Decreasing Undesired Behavior (Major/Minor List, Flow Chart)

  • A correction system is developed and used, with clear steps to be taken, depending on whether the behavior is major or minor. This section contains  definitions, examples, and a flow chart of how to respond to each level of behavior.

5. A System for Data-Based Decision-Making (SWIS, Kickboard)

  • Data answers two important questions. Are we…